Several times a year we get questions from prospective customers asking how often they should be cleaning their Commercial Kitchen Hood. How to know how often you need to be cleaned? The short answer is each and every customer is different and we advise them to get cleaned based on cooking volume. The more a commercial kitchen is cooking the more it will need to be serviced! When you own a restaurant it is in your best interest to protect your investment. A grease fire can start in your hood or your ductwork causing thousands of dollars worth of damage or even worse a total loss of your business. The officials in charge of making sure your hood has been properly cleaned by a certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company can vary depending on where you live.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning – How often should my restaurant be cleaned?

Depending on the volume of cooking and the conditions you want your staff to be working in will depend on how often you will need to be cleaned. Below you will find a bulleted list of how often each type of restaurant or facility should be cleaned. This link from the National Fire Protection Association

  • Fast Food Restaurants – ( 4 times per year )
  • Restaurants only serving breakfast –  ( 2 times per year )
  • Full service restaurants serving breakfast,lunch and dinner –  ( 3 times per year )
  • Nursing homes and Hospitals cooking with steam only – ( 1 times per year )
  • Nursing homes and Hospitals cooking with any fat products – ( 2 times per year )
  • Seasonal Golf Courses – ( 1 time per year )

What certification do I get when I have my kitchen hood cleaned?

When your kitchen exhaust hood is professionally cleaned by a certified hood cleaning company they are required by law to put a certification sticker on each hood at the end of service. This will allow your insurance company, fire inspector or health inspector to see what date you were cleaned and when you are due to be cleaned again. If you are looking to have your hood cleanedby a professional and are located in Wisconsin or Minnesota please call our offices at 1-888-225-0816 for a free no obligation quote.